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Get exclusive access to a comprehensive database of legal briefs and legal citations when you subscribe to the legal research services of RESEARCH ASSOCIATES. RESEARCH ASSOCIATES helps you with a number of services that save you time and money.

• Verify and Expand on Research Already in Hand
• Reduce Time Consuming Research into Unfamiliar
  or Specialized Areas at a Major Law Library
• Pinpoint Analogous Case Laws Quickly at
  Minimum Expense
• Decide the Merits of a Potential Case
• Find Non-Case Law Information on Legal Topics
• Access Shepard's® and Auto-Cite® Services

• Anticipate Your Opponent's Position by Finding
  Cases Your Opponent May Use
• Gather Information to Impeach the Testimony of
  Your Opponent's Witnesses
• Determine a Judge's Previous Position on a
  Particular Issue Applicable to Your Case
• Access Specialized State Statutes
• Review State Attorney General Decisions
• Keep Abreast of Changes in Legislation, Rules,
  and Decisions


Document, Legal Briefs in Blauvelt, NY

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General legal research, briefs, and trial memos are available. A computer is on-site for immediate research and retrieval of legal documentation for all jurisdictions and the federal courts. We can offer a simple list of citations, a memorandum, an analysis of specific issues, or a formal brief in a draft or finished form depending on your needs.

Additional Services Now Available!

  • Add a full service Backroom Staff for about the cost of one good temp.
  • Retrieve current case information, case status, docket sheets, and nature of suit from all federal courts and state courts.
  • Acquire recent opinions from all US and State Courts, as well as public record searches, location, assets, background checks, individual motor vehicle data, liens, and judgments.
  • Get SEC filing information on 68,000 companies, and laws from other countries.
  •  Find current journal and newspaper articles on topics of interest including background of expert witnesses and cases where they have testified.
Sample Documents:
Interrogatories-Plaintiff Sale of Goods | New Jersey Summary Judgement Agency
New Jersey Summary Judgement Opposition
| New York Labor Law | New York OSC Memo | Summary Judgement Federal


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