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Win the toughest legal cases using fast, efficient, and effective legal research from RESEARCH ASSOCIATES. We offer comprehensive legal research, legal memorandum, appellate briefs & legal citations nationwide based in New York City, (NYC). We can also help with legal briefs, trial memorandum and appellate briefs.

We Do All the Research, You Control the Deadline

Why Choose Research Associates

For a low cost, the entire RESEARCH ASSOCIATES team of experienced researchers is "on call" to do research for you.

With RESEARCH ASSOCIATES doing the work, you'll have the competitive edge of being able to provide new services as well as have time to pursue new business and improve relations with existing clients, each resulting in an increase of billable hours.

How We Work

RESEARCH ASSOCIATES operates on an hourly basis. We will discuss with you the issues and areas to be covered and establish a cost basis and time schedule. You control the issues, deadlines, budget, and other matters relating to the assignment.

Company History

Established in 1981, RESEARCH ASSOCIATES has over 30 years of experience to offer prompt, efficient services at competitive prices. Rely on us to help you with difficult or time-consuming cases. All projects are professionally prepared, proofread, and run through Shepard's® for verification.

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Research Associates is not engaged in the practice of law. Our work product does not constitute a legal opinion or legal advice and is prepared solely for review by the lawyer using RESEARCH ASSOCIATES.



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Sample Documents

Interrogatories-Plaintiff Sale of Goods • New Jersey Summary Judgement Agency New Jersey Summary Judgement Opposition • New York Labor Law • New York OSC Memo • Summary Judgement Federal